The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Nightfall - 2 OUT OF 5 STARS

Since the entire novel is in English so i choose to write this in english. But i wont lose myself as i'm goin to crack a bit of my proud sabahan punya words/acronim. haha.
Well, since this is my first novel i ever-everly bought, i am a bit too excited even giggled when i was grabbing the book out of the book store. staga, excited gila ni cuz first time kan. soon later i found out it was the fifth book already. i surfed wiki and read out the whole 4 books series earlier so i can get into the flow. and after reading it, you know what? i really was fell into the undeniable astonishing n creative book cover which is every pages in the book is every pieces of junk i flip over n over. that's why mama always told us, never judge a book by it's cover but i have to take that it the other way round. The story is overly done!

Honestly, this book was so bad that i can't even begin to point out all of the flaws! it was everywhere.... kjap2 itu, kjap ini. and some of the stories were hanging and untold to the finish. this is much different from the tv series ok. it has been too magical and too abstract. as i were reading harry potter. even if the writer wanna write something magical or a mythical creature in it please at least make it believable. and elena's new powers/wings? Good only for serious eye rolling. Also, if I had heard the words "lapis lazuli" 1 more time sa mo tariak ah. i get it, elena's eyes are blue. You can stop with the aggressive descriptions now. haha... napa sa emo betul ni. sa baca in wiki yg the writer published this book after 15 years baru da continue da punya 5th book. wow, it is a long period of time. but could you at least go and belek2 your old books before you continue the story? but whatever it is, it can be forgiven. Now from that info, i assume that the writer could be tua, a lil bit old from the lapisan masyarakat. but is she trying to fit in with the nowadays readers? she included some kidish rival on it. what is it kitsune? i was bothered with the japanese stuff and words and it pushed me to get up and go hit the wikipedia to find the meaning of KITSUNE. yeah there it is the term widely used for the japanese anime wherever thay have fox in it. KITSUNE is FOX. The two foxes(kembar abg laki n adik pompuan) can talk and can change in any form. even human. so there they kidnap stefan and hide it somwhere.. omaigad, oldskul juga mo kasi selit anime influence? today is the k-pop generation kay? aduh itu foxes looked like pokemon act like the team rocket. you target readers are the teenagers!! teenagers today have stopped watching pokemon. it's so yesterday!

elena, she woke from the death as an angel state. kunu angel da mesti talanjang dan terapung-apung. she didnt know anyone, she couldnt speak. mute and acted like a kid. so when her friends came to visit, she kissed each one of them which is not sexually. but when ex bf kiss da, stefan became jeles, so there it's sexual kisses even with the girls. haha. meredith described the kissing as to get to know the one elena's kissing. she said she acted like a dog taht kiss another dog for recognizring. sa tia faham tp well, baca ja la.

enoughlah, im just being too sensitive because this is my first novel and i should get excited. i read a few malay novel i borrowed and they are not bad as the novel i am talking about. the writing is awful. when reading paranormal you expect the outrages bt everything in this book seems ridicules and stupid. the story line is all over the place and reads like someone high on drugs wrote it in a drug haze. i wonder what editor in their right mind would release this book with out a firm editing hand. i continue to read only because i want to know how it will end but it is taking a long time to finish macam sa baca other books in between. and of cos i dont wanna waste my money for nothing. sadly, ada beberapa new character that don't make sense n it's crazy. contoh tamara, isobel, the youngster yg kena rasuk and pakai bikini buatan sendiri pastu drg lakat di susu guna gam gajah. lpastu gitu2 ja watak drg gila sampai habis ni novel. laughable juga la. tp stupid kan? haha. k lah. wont continue anymore sentence nanti melebih2 plak sa. so 2 out of 5 stars. ( p.s there should be something good to compliment the writer but im not going to mention it at all. haha. but there is. wanna read them, just go after me i'll lend it :)


x sngka bleh blogging melalui hp plak kan. Well skrg sa masi terperap dlm dunia survivor. Haha. D kg klu mlm ja sa hdup. Klu siang mcm lumpuh dpn tv. Staga smpi sgup tahan kencing hanya kerana xda smgat mo brdiri p tndas. Sa difahamkn bpa sa sdg aramaiti dan sa masi mnungu bla da akn muak dgn tuak2 i2 dan pulang. Sa mo pulang. Sbb org blg xda tmpt yg paling slesa melainkan ruma sndri. Rumahku syurgaku. Bah sudala. Pnat tgn menaip. Seja baini mo test2. Babai

Konsert UMS mengagumkan o...

Konsert Koir dari berlin klu x silap sa
pengalaman yg sgt best
x pernah sa jumpa sumting mcm tu
so very lucky la sa dpt witness performance yg cool.
sgt artistik o. dan very abstract juga
susa juga mo faham apa yg drg mo smpai kan sbb drg ckp bahasa drg. ntah apa yg drg membebel.
tp kekurangan da ialah show ini lambat 1 jam sebelum mula.
sampai tu org putih dpn seats kami komplen2 membebel2 sama kami.
kami snyum2 seja layan ja bebelan da. haha
nasib sa ada bwa kamera. dpt juga sa rakam skam2. mls sa mo uplod video. ada la beberapa gmbr...

Saya beli Novel??? hehe

Ntah napa tiba2 tym cuti ni sa pandai cari bahan-bahan bacaan. sebab sa pandai baca balik buku2 lama sa. jadi sa ambil keputusan bawa kawan sa jalan p center point hanya untuk p daiso dan paling penting POPULAR. haha Dulu sa yg kasi kawan org p popular. skrg sa ada fungsi suda masuk tu kadai. well, sa kan remaja. hehe

Jadi paling 1st sa grab tu buku singapore trus ghost story dua buku ah. walaupun sa tau tu crita suma mengarut. hantu yg teteda dan x logik. tp sa baca untuk enjoyment bukan utk sa percaya. cis apaka hantu pandai buka aisbox cari minuman?????

Pastu sa ternmpk tu buku vampire diaries! staga dlu sa hesitate ni mo beli. skrg memandangkan sa tb2 ada mood membaca, sa beli la. sa harap minat sa baca novel meningkat. overall sa spend 70 ringgit lbh2 la hya untuk buku,(termasuk buku sudoku and word search. haha)

lpas tu tym kami kami mo pusing tu round about, sa ternmpk satu banner ada pameran buku popular di 1B bulan ni..... 70 % off... crap. sa tahan ati ja... menyesal x guna... tp tiapa la....

Just missing you.....

How long it has been?
I am moving on
but picturing you every night and day
damn it such a soft killing
I have to admit
you're irreplaceable
i came to fix the falling puzzle
but it's too late
you're someone else's

i laiughed at the pic actually bcause it's like a ghost's head stick on my neck and i couldnt get rid of it. haha
the only pic of us that got her face hidden

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