Dear John

take these flowers, i grew them for you

take them around, show the happiness of the mother nature
for you, for me
and for her...

dont be surprised,
dear john, flowers do wilt
happiness might riped
hearts sure teared

she has no education
but a happy soul
still she's someone else
searching for star, star above all stars

She has no voice
We hold it for her
a story that never be told
Or has she spoken already
but to another bird
to fly her unrest soul

told you life is unfair
but you never really cared
now feel the deepest pain,
feel the coolest part of hell

When all that surrounds you
Is hopeless and sad
And lies poked your trusts
When no thought seems to comfort
Dear john, It's ok to cry

Cry them out
soon or later
we are going to talk about us
our hearts smile
i came for comfort
to tell you once again
life never be fair
when a friend reach a hand
once more you asked why
when you sit there and wonder
i wishper to you
im a friend to hold on to
dear john, sadness will fly

by Leslie Chang


dayang July 2, 2010 at 10:22 PM  

wah!time bz pn ko smpat buat poem..'whisper'..

Leslie Michael Chang July 2, 2010 at 10:26 PM  

kami blum bz lg dyg....bsk bru start bz...

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