The art of satire (Seni Sindiran)

never hesitate
this masterpiece do came from my POV.
it's so-very-sincere from Leslie
u got my word, u felt insult? than do feel it
now u get to listen my language

i thought of good
but it's spoiled
we had sweet moment,
those memory i thought i never wanted to lose
now actually made me shakes trough my flesh to the thickest part of my bones
and i throw up the disgust everytime i saw it's face
try to forget every pieces of it
forget the 'wtf' memory i feel shity enough

everyday i woke up,
i saw junks on the other part of the world
when i say everyday,
it is a dime a dozen

ahhh~ an annoying soft sharp bitchy voices sorrounds me
a lumpy blackish object blocking my view to the freedom
it is queer enough
the poor thing
has no idea, eyes are watching it
it is full of sins,
stuck upon it's throat
where anyone could see under the dirty skin

now i'm stepping towards a new century
leaving the 'thing' behind
and i believe it'll going great
if the last winter i got up on the wrong side of the bed,
the coming summer i'll got nothing left but freedom
and i made the checkmate
as it will probably losing me and sorrow would haunt it's spaces

this is not about love,
nothing touches my personal issues
but this poem i made
is words painting of a thousands pictures
nor it wont be clearly seen or to be understood
as it is for someone i tot would be the bitch in a sheep's clothing
go get a life and use ur loaf
rather than u put yourself on the limb
sayonara bitch


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