our last battle - examz..

ok speaking lagi this time..how versatile is it?
i'd never get to tell the journey of the exams weeks heading to freedom.. hoho.
bt now we're in the middle of the goin-on exam weeks and still buckling up.
the last paper will be on this coming monday but somehow we'll not be set free yet. technically, we'll still be trapped in this gigantic cage. i dont kno why, problems come towards the end. teteda o... we have nothing much to do bah by the time we have finished our exams. but maybe i'll be braking the rule. i'll be reluctant to stay o, get my stuff packed well, and get my ass off the place. it'll be punishment i guess tp next year la. haha but its okay it'll be just a slap of the wrist. ok bite my tongue n move on...
back to the exam story, we all in the same boat by now. it'll be ended by the next monday. ow i got a very bad feelings. my head somewhat emptier than my other friends. i bet they got their head full with the ekonomi stuff. yet mine is empty, you can even hear the empty tin sound when you knock on my head. i really wanna end this chapter quickly so i can create a new chapter. common exam is so hell to me.
i've been reading this ekonomi book few times over n over. i didnt get pandai but it cracked me up lagi.. sot. buli2 ktawa tgk buku. whenever like you get into money business, like i went to kdai kaling to get some roti canai, it's like deja vu!! when the tambi was returning my change at i was like 'keanjalan'.....'penawaran'....ow komonlah. i should stop hitting the books and notes stuff cause im not getting any better but its joshing me.

my previous exams was 'okay' not excellent nor bad.. the 1st paper i was quite happy because i was study like hell and the question is not as hard i thought it would be. but it's good. but everything turned out different when we were answering ps1. i was foolish enough to pick question i had no freekin idea. ok stop...dont even wanna have a single flash of it..

so whatever it is... neither i'll be good or stupid as well, just study la. komplen2 only.. rather that nasi akan jadi bubur? lecturer already work up their sweat teaching us, just dont wanna dissapoint them. and my parents as well. as they say, never bite the hand dat feeds you. so break a leg people! soon it'll come to an end. babai.


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